Over the summer both the children and staff have been very busy redesigning and improving our outdoor areas. Our outdoor garden has had a complete make over and has been transformed into a ‘Sensorial Garden’. The children helped to choose the different equipment that would feature inside the garden. The garden now has a music wall for creating our own tunes, a water wall for the children to investigate and problem solve as well as chalkboards, tyre climb and sand tray.

Our forest area has been remodelled and been given a dash of colour. We have recycled our old wellington boots to create planters for pansies and daisies. We have also planted some herbs and plants which we hope we will begin to see soon. Our mud kitchen has had an upgrade and has its very own table and chairs attached! We will be continuing to improve our forest area with the addition of outdoor desks and a quiet book corner.

We have all loved transforming our outdoor spaces and have created areas which we love spending time in.

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