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Our Vision

Here at The Montessori Group, we support the belief that learning should be based through play in a fun, focused and challenging environment. Our team will nurture and support each child individually and present opportunities for them to further their development through play.

Our principles are based upon the philosophy that children learn more when they are given the opportunity to discover their surroundings by using a wide and varied selection of activities to enhance their learning.

The Montessori Group believe that assessment should be tailored to the individuality of each child and is continuously observed as your child develops and learns through play.

The Montessori Group is the market leader for creating bespoke and stimulating settings across Kent, with fantastic indoor and outdoor spaces.

Our vision is to continue to deliver an elite Montessori education in a niche, enriching environment, accessible and affordable for the wider community.

We provide unique and nurturing Montessori preschools enabling the full potential to be reached by each and every child.

Setting & Location

Fawkham Montessori Pre-school is a newly established early learning environment housed within a beautiful rural location.
Operating on a full time basis, Monday to Friday 8am to 4:15pm catering for children from 2 to 5. Our setting aims to provide children with a stimulating environment through which they can develop social, emotional, physical and intellectual growth.

With two spacious indoor rooms, both carefully designed to reflect the Montessori Ethos and an indoor hall to allow and promote creative and physical skills and learning.

Our classrooms offer the children independent choice from a range of Montessori equipment and other complimentary resources.

We have an unrivalled, enriching and exciting childcare environment, with a varied range of facilities for the children. All supplemented with a varied range of tools, equipment and activities.

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We are delighted to announce the results of our first Ofsted inspection, that took place on Friday 20th April 2018. The inspector graded us as ‘GOOD’ across all areas.

Ofsted have recognised the hard work and commitment of our whole team in securing this rating, and we are immensely proud of everyone involved.

The inspector noted;

“The new management team is committed and passionate in continually developing the nursery to its best potential”

“Staff provide a caring and inclusive learning environment where children feel safe and secure”

“Children thoroughly enjoy their time at the nursery and engage well in a wide range of exciting activities”

We opened our doors just two and a half years ago and feel extremely proud of all we have accomplished so far.

Thanks to all our families for your continued support, your children are our absolute passion and we will always do our very best by them.

Extra special thanks to our incredible team who work extremely hard to make our preschool the wonderful place it is, with the greatest efforts continually made to ensure our children thrive and achieve in their earliest years.

Read our Ofsted report in full here

Health, Safety & Security


The health and welfare of our children and staff is of extreme importance, we aim to operate a clean environment with a minimum amount of infection and do this through daily cleaning procedures and following a policy in regards to sick and ill children. By using these methods and following general rules of health, safety and hygiene we reduce the risk of illness and infection being passed on to others.


The pre-school carries out risk assessments on all activities and endeavours to reduce risk through carrying out detailed assessments. Staff are aware of risks within the daily operation of the pre-school and maintain a safe environment through daily checks and recording of any findings. If a member of staff has any concerns about a children’s safety, they should bring them to the attention of the on-duty manager before that particular activity takes place.

Fire drills are carried out once a term to ensure staff and children are familiar with the routine and comments and adjustments are made to ensure the procedure works effectively within our team.

If an accident does happen, and it results in an injury to a child, the staff will do all they can to aid the child concerned.  We keep a fully equipped first aid box in the by the fire exit, next to the toilet, out of reach from the children. All staff are First Aid trained and copies of certificates are kept on the premises in their respective staff file.

We record any accident on an accident or incident form either on a paper form or online, which is photocopied for both the pre-schools records and the child’s file. In all cases we inform parents and they sign either the accident or incident form to confirm they have been informed.  Should a child be quite seriously hurt, we contact the parents immediately. If we cannot reach the parent/guardian or emergency contact we will refer to the Registration Form for other emergency contacts. If no one can be contacted managers will take the appropriate action e.g. take the child to hospital.


Staff at Fawkham Montessori view security of high importance and regularly assess security checks. Staff are constantly alert to any strangers or unknown persons on the premises. We will not open the door to anyone that is unknown to us and will never release a child to anybody other than the parent/guardian. Parents have a responsibility to inform staff if anyone other than themselves is collecting their child for any reason. Upon collection or drop-off they must bring photographic evidence and a unique password that the parent has given to both them and the pre-school. Visitors are only allowed on site with supervised access at all times and must sign the visitor’s book upon entry and departure to the pre-school.

Fresh and open space are a necessity for all children. The pre-school is home to multiple outdoor play areas which allow opportunity for outdoor play regardless of weather. Our enclosed outdoor ball court allows for safe play with a soft base for children to explore their gross motor skills. Our forest area allows children to explore all aspects of their development from physical development to communication and language growth. Our forest area also has an covered area to allow for an ‘outdoor classroom’ or for when the weather is too wet for grassy areas, this area provides children with a safe and secure area to burn off their energy. In addition to these areas, we also have access to an onsite farm which allows the children to develop their understanding of the world and curiosity about growth and development.

Our setting meets the requirements under Ofsted of the Early Years Foundation Stage Welfare Requirements.

Your Child’s First Day

It is perfectly normal to feel anxious about your child starting pre-school. Some children settle very quickly whilst others need a little time to adjust to their new surroundings and routine.

If you are wondering whether sending your child to pre-school is the right thing to do, it may be reassuring to know that research has shown that children who attend an early years setting such as a pre-school, typically achieve better results at secondary school than those who don’t.  They are generally more sociable and better behaved too.

There are a few things that you can do to prepare your child for their first day at nursery:

  1. Talk about nursery positively
    Talk about nursery at home, letting your child know that they will have lots of fun and meet many new friends.  There are some books that you could read with your child before they start such as, My first Day At Nursery School by Becky Edwards. We also provide a setting pack to those who have completed our registration process. This pack includes pictures of all key workers and areas around our setting, which you can show your child to familiarise them with their new environment.
  2. Dress your child comfortably
    Make dressing and undressing easy for your child, especially if they are toilet training. You also want them to be comfortable.
  3. Share information
    The more information that the staff know about your child the easier it will be for them to help settle, distract and comfort your child when they first start nursery. Make sure you share your child’s likes and dislikes with their Key Person and make detailed notes of all aspects of your child’s life within their ‘All about me’ form.
  4. Stay calm
    You may be feeling anxious or tense on the inside when you drop your child try to appear as calm and relaxed as possible. Children can pick up on how you are feeling so if you stay calm and positive, they should follow suit.
  5. Don’t be afraid to call us
    We welcome parents to call the nursery at any time to check on their child

What to bring with you

Please ensure that all clothes are clearly named.

  • Coat, hat and wellies in winter.
  • Sunhat, sun cream and swimsuit in summer.
  • A spare set of clothes.
  • Water bottle.
  • For children in nappies we ask that you provide nappies and wipes for the time your child is attending the nursery.
  • For children who follow a certain routine at home, for example when they normally sleep, parents should provide any comforters that may help their child settle.

Our Parents Say

“Both my daughters went to Fawkham Montessori Pre-School and I can’t say enough good things about it; it’s an absolutely fantastic setting for children.

My girls have thrived here and learnt so much; not just reading and writing skills to prepare them for starting school but, more importantly, life skills to help them grow into independent, capable young people.

Every single member of staff is superb and the quality of care is everything you could wish for as a parent. Sam, Laura, Cathy, Abbie, Jo, Kelly, Dani – you are all genuinely wonderful people and we’re so grateful for everything you’ve done in the last few years. You’ve given the girls the best possible start and we think you’re fab!!xx”

Dee Lydon • Parent, Your Content Goes Here

“I cannot recommend this pre-school highly enough! In the short time that my daughter has attended her self confidence has soared and her motivation to learn and explore through play has been nurtured and encouraged by the wonderful staff. Thank you so much.”

Pippa Booth • Parent

“Both my daughter and I LOVE this preschool. It is so much more than your usual preschool, it truly inspires and educates our children introducing reading, writing and numeracy in a more advanced way than most of its peers.

My child had had a really awful experience at a different private preschool in Longfield which really affected her. After moving to Montessori her whole perspective of preschool changed. My daughter now loves “school”.

I cannot recommend this preschool highly enough.”

Diane Fisher • Parent

“If I could 6 out of 5 I would! My daughter is thriving in their care and absolutely loves ‘school’. The managers and staff are friendly, caring and professional. Could not be happier with the standard that is being provided.”

Kyla Jade Daly • Parent

Our Accreditations

Below is a list of our accreditations to show just how we provide a high level of care, to ensure all of our children achieve the best education and start to their future.

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