Autumn Term Theme

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For the next seven weeks our theme is ‘All about me’. We will be covering concepts of, similarities and differences, inside and out, where we live, parents and siblings, size of family, family pets, body parts, our senses, staying safe and being healthy. Our activities with vary daily and will changing to ensure that

Montessori Monday

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Our ‘Practical Life’ area is constantly changing. The purpose and aim of Practical Life activities are to help the children gain control in the coordination of their movement and help the children to gain independence and adapt to society. This weeks’ Practical Life shelf looks a little like this. Transferring rice from a pouring

Summer Project

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Over the summer both the children and staff have been very busy redesigning and improving our outdoor areas. Our outdoor garden has had a complete make over and has been transformed into a ‘Sensorial Garden’. The children helped to choose the different equipment that would feature inside the garden. The garden now has a