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View Rounds

Our view rounds are done on a booking basis, we ask that you request a time slot by calling our administration team to arrange a time that is best for you.

Our view rounds generally last about 30 minutes, in which we give you a full tour of our environment and answer any queries or questions you may have. As a Montessori setting, we feel it is important to highlight all areas of Montessori within our classroom, as well as the additional areas which we have introduced. As Montessori is a very specific way of teaching, we will often demonstrate different resources to give you an insight into our daily activities. A view round is a good opportunity to see, if you child engages in our environment and whether our setting is right for you and your family.

Booking Information

When it comes to booking a place at Fawkham Montessori, we ask that you give us an insight into your little ones life, with as much detail as possible. It is interesting for us to see how your child behaves at home, as well as allows us to gain a picture of what your child’s interests are but also their abilities.

We’ve also produced a number of download documents, to give you peace of mind and help you understand how we work so your child can settle in quicker. These documents are designed to give you the information you need regarding policies, procedures, data, interactive learning dairies and routines for your child.

It might seem like a lot to take in, but please read them – we think you’ll find them most informative. If you have any questions or would like any help or guidance with any of these documents please do contact us – we’re here to help you.

Settling In Sessions

As a pre-school our aim is to make our environment as inviting and welcoming as possible. For our new starters, we offer various settling sessions, to allow your child to become familiar with their surroundings and start to build a relationship with their key worker, staff members and the other children.

We believe that settling sessions are important to allow your child to reach their full potential while at our pre-school. If a child feels comfortable in a setting, it will allow them to be themselves, and to explore all avenues of their development.

The first few weeks when your child is settling into our setting is a time of crucial importance for their later happiness in the setting. All children are individuals and while some children will adjust fairly easily to the new environment and our routines, others will take longer to feel comfortable and secure.

Here are some helpful tips to help your child settle into our pre-school

1. Allow your child to take a toy or comforter they enjoy playing with into the pre-school (do let us know that you are doing this to support the settling in period). Your child can feel more grounded if they recognise a toy or game. It is normal for children to need comfort from home at the start of nursery.

2. This sounds obvious – but talk to your child about attending our pre-school. Tell them positive stories about your own experiences at similar places. Use our names of regularly so that they recognise out names and show enthusiasm, positivity and excitement about going our pre-school. As I am sure you all know, children feed off adults’ emotions. If you are anxious they will be anxious too, if you are excited they will be excited too!

3. Finally, it is very normal for some children to find separating hard. We allow any parents or carers to stay for the first few settling sessions, as we only want the best for you child.


Fawkham Montessori Pre-school offers a range of Free Early Education for 2, 3 and 4 year olds, subject to eligibility, and can be applied over a range of sessions.

Children are entitled to Free Early Education the term after their 3rd birthday. We also offer *Free Early Education for 2 year olds.

Free Early Education can be taken for either 15 hours per week, 38 weeks a year (term time only) or 12 hours per week, 48 weeks a year (stretched Free Early Education). If you require additional hours over your chosen weekly number of free early education, then an hourly rate will be applied.

Our price lists contain information regarding delivery patterns for free early education and our hourly rates for our pre-school.

Our pre-school has very limited spaces to offer term-time only places, so please enquire with our manager or office administrator for more information.

We also provide free childcare for three and four year olds for up to 30 hours per week. This can be taken as 24hrs per week over 48 weeks or 30 hours per week over 38 weeks. This is subject to eligibility and availability, please visit to check your eligibility.

However, there may be charges for extracurricular activities and meals for funded days.



Childcare Vouchers

Childcare vouchers are a form of salary sacrifice set up by the government, allowing you to pay for a portion of your childcare fees, which is tax and national insurance exempt (ie gross wages), up to £243 a month.

If you are a couple or both pay for the nursery fees, then you are both able to pay into separate schemes, each paying in up to £243 a month each.

You are able to start paying money into your voucher scheme at any time, so you can “bank” or save money in your scheme until you come to want to use it, maximising your tax saving.

As a nursery, we accept all childcare vouchers as payment towards your nursery fees.

Your employer will let you know which childcare voucher company they use.

You are in control of your childcare vouchers. You set them up and release the money to us.

Each voucher system is different but once they are set up they tend to run very smoothly.

Once you know which childcare voucher provider your employer uses, call the voucher company as soon as you can to set up your account. This makes it more likely that you will be able to pay for your first month’s fees in the most cost effective way possible

When you start at the nursery, we will give you more information to help you with this process.


Our Policies and Procedures are available for our parents to view at any time on our website, these legal documents are also available in the office area. The welfare of all children in our care is paramount. Our rooms, equipment and outside environment are assessed several times a day, new activities or outings are also risk-assessed prior to engagement. In line with the statutory EYFS requirements, we practice Safe Recruitment including DBS checks. Abbie Mahoney is our Safeguarding Officer and all educators are committed to keeping children safe, healthy and happy. Children are taught about good health, self-care and safety through example, stories, discussions and activities.

At Fawkham Montessori Pre-school, we aim to keep children safe by adopting the highest possible standards and taking all reasonable steps to protect children from harm. Safeguarding is about more than child protection. Child Protection is specifically about protecting children and young people from suspected abuse and neglect. Safeguarding is much wider than child protection. It includes everything an organisation can do to keep children and young people safe, including minimising the risk of harm and accidents and taking action to tackle safety concerns. We have set a clear protocol of action and a framework for our responsibilities and legal duties in relation to each child’s welfare. The hope is to ensure a reliable and effective response in the event of any concern for a child’s welfare, and to support each child and family. We aim to put children’s needs first at all times and encourage children to be confident and assertive.  The staff at Fawkham Montessori Pre-school work hard to develop a trusting and respectful relationship with the children in our care, so that they know they will be listened to and believed.

Our Parents Say

“Both my daughters went to Fawkham Montessori Pre-School and I can’t say enough good things about it; it’s an absolutely fantastic setting for children.

My girls have thrived here and learnt so much; not just reading and writing skills to prepare them for starting school but, more importantly, life skills to help them grow into independent, capable young people.

Every single member of staff is superb and the quality of care is everything you could wish for as a parent. Sam, Laura, Cathy, Abbie, Jo, Kelly, Dani – you are all genuinely wonderful people and we’re so grateful for everything you’ve done in the last few years. You’ve given the girls the best possible start and we think you’re fab!!xx”

Dee Lydon • Parent

“I cannot recommend this pre-school highly enough! In the short time that my daughter has attended her self confidence has soared and her motivation to learn and explore through play has been nurtured and encouraged by the wonderful staff. Thank you so much.”

Pippa Booth • Parent

“Both my daughter and I LOVE this preschool. It is so much more than your usual preschool, it truly inspires and educates our children introducing reading, writing and numeracy in a more advanced way than most of its peers.

My child had had a really awful experience at a different private preschool in Longfield which really affected her. After moving to Montessori her whole perspective of preschool changed. My daughter now loves “school”.

I cannot recommend this preschool highly enough.”

Diane Fisher • Parent

“If I could 6 out of 5 I would! My daughter is thriving in their care and absolutely loves ‘school’. The managers and staff are friendly, caring and professional. Could not be happier with the standard that is being provided.”

Kyla Jade Daly • Parent

Our Accreditations

Below is a list of our accreditations to show just how we provide a high level of care, to ensure all of our children achieve the best education and start to their future.

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